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Gold Coins vs Gold Bars: Which Is A Better Investment?

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Investment in the form of gold bars is certainly still one of the most chosen to date. This you also have to take into consideration if you are thinking of investing in gold. It is considered an ideal form of investment in the long run because the resale value is fairly high and also stable. In addition to this, the purity of gold bars is also guaranteed because every purchase made will be accompanied by a certificate that includes: ID number, weight, size, and levels.

This is certainly a separate consideration for you in choosing this investment because the amount of money you spend will be more secure and you can invest with a sense of security. But even so, not everyone has easy access to invest in this form of gold bars, especially with the price of gold which is getting more expensive every day.

It is still difficult for everyone to access, especially for those who live outside the area and far from the city center. This has become an obstacle for the public to be able to invest in gold bullion. You should also know that the greater the mass of the investment product, the cheaper the cost of 1 gram of gold, so it turns out that large gold bullion is more profitable if you look at the cost of 1 gram.

For example, a 100-gram gold bar is 50 grams more profitable. But not all investors are willing to invest large sums of money in gold. So if you have enough money to invest, this can be a wise choice.

The Advantages of Gold Bars

Its rust level is 24, which is considered by the public to be a perfect level of gold, making it easy to sell. 24 karat gold is also more often used as material for jewelry. It is available in various weight sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. It is popular with the general public so it’s easier to sell. The new gold bars come in sealed containers and are displayed more attractively. Not only that, but gold bars are also generally issued with certificates, which adds legitimacy to that gold that is owned and which is one of the most important aspects both for when it is purchased and for the time it is sold. Another advantage of buying gold bars compared to gold coins is that when buying larger gold bars, the premium can be significantly lower than gold coins.

A gold bar and a chart.


The Disadvantages of Gold Bars

There is no standard difference between buying and selling prices. Gold shops can set their buying prices to people who want to sell their gold. It cannot break the size of gold bars when trying to sell. For example, we have 100 grams of gold bars and need funds worth 50 grams of gold. We have to sell all of the 100-gram bars, we can’t just sell half of it. Gold shops can play when the price of world gold goes down by not selling gold bars or selling them on a limited basis.

Another disadvantage of investing in gold bars has to do with having a higher market risk. This is because it can potentially only be purchased at a gold price when larger products are purchased. Not only that, but there is also a downside in terms of gold bullion production costs which are significantly higher as the refiner has to produce packaging, serial numbers as well as corresponding certificates for gold bullion of only 1 gram. As a result, premiums are higher on smaller gold bars compared to the premiums paid when buying gold coins.

Also, keep in mind that storing gold bars can be a hassle, particularly when purchasing a large number of gold bars. In other words, you should look for a safe place to store all that gold, which is generally not only difficult to obtain, but it is also an additional cost.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are available in different weight classes. The larger the coin, the cheaper - the unit and minting costs decrease. The prices are usually above the current gold price. Coins have an advantage over gold bars, for which there is a little more gold for the money due to their size. They can be given away easily and serve as payment if necessary.

Depending on demand and circulation, their market value as a sought-after collector’s item can increase considerably. But because prices drop quickly, especially in the case of short-term coinage, you have to get the right time.

The Benefits of Gold Coins

Dealers and investors all over the world know what the Krugerrand and Maple Leaf coins look like. Many manufacturers of gold bars are not known in other countries, so there is no trust in them.

When you buy a popular investment coin, it can then be easily sold in any country in the world. Such coins are always liquid, so you can get a good price for them.

Standard Size

Gold coins were invented specifically so that they could be carriers of a certain mass of gold. Since the weight of popular investment coins is known, their authenticity is easily determined by appearance or measurement. But what dimensions does a 10-gram bar have?

There are no uniform standards in this matter. However, in any case, there are many fakes with both coins and bullions. Therefore, you should always check the investment gold products for authenticity, using all possible methods to be sure of the quality of the product.


No matter how much gold you buy, sooner or later you will want to sell part of it. Having gold coins, you can sell them gradually, it is especially convenient if the coins are light in weight. It makes little sense to cut a bar of gold into pieces to sell it in parts. Firstly, it is impractical, and secondly, its value drops sharply.


Sometimes, in the news, there are reports of cases of fake ingots of gold that have steel inside (easy to identify) or tungsten (harder to identify). But fake coins are also common. However, with fake ingot, there is a greater loss of capital than with coins. That is why gold coins can reduce the risk of a failed purchase.

Means Of Payment

Some investors believe that the denomination on a gold coin does not make sense since, in the event of a collapse of the national currency, gold coins of this country will also suffer. Buying gold coins with face value is as a rule a legal tender that creates an additional element of their recognition and gives them more confidence.

In the event of a collapse of paper currencies, gold coins will retain their value thanks to the gold from which they are made. At a minimum, they can always be sold at the price of precious metals.

Serial Numbers

Some investors avoid buying gold bars with serial numbers, as they can be used to determine who the previous owner was. Gold coins do not have a serial number. However, there is bullion without a serial number. But overall, gold coins offer more anonymity to their holder.

The Disadvantages of Gold Coins

You have to store it and you need a lot of security. It is a raw material with many fluctuations and could lower its price in long-term investments. It does not give income or dividends, the benefit is given if its value increases. It is not a safe bet, although it may seem so. Gold coins don’t come with certificates unless they are test coins or a set of coins.

You should know that not all gold coins are 24 karats, many are 22 karats, even 21.6 karats. This allows determining the value of the coins, something more if they are fractional coins. Also, when investing heavily in gold coins, meaningless gold could be obtained from the investment.

Which One To Buy, Further Analysis

Each investor, choosing gold, carefully examines which choice is better - coins or bars? Or a combined investment? It must be recognized that consideration of this issue can create a heated discussion, as a result of which it will be difficult to find a common opinion.

Because the comparison of coins and bars includes not only an examination of their physical characteristics but also aspects of subjective preferences. To make it easier for everyone to understand which of the options to give preference, here is an extensive overview.

Is Gold Money?

The nominal value is reflected in the coins, which means that the coins are issued with the permission of the Central Bank of a particular country. Theoretically, a gold coin can pay for a purchase in a store because it is legal tender in the country of production, or, in other words, money.

The advantage of assigning a face value is that you can reckon with the minimum amount that can be obtained with a coin, regardless of what happens to the price of gold. Such a theory is true, but the realization of the scenario the value of gold has decreased to zero is unlikely.

Gold bars lack the face value and the advantage of not having the face value that the bar is not tied to any of the states of the country.

Certificate of Authenticity

Coins are money because of the assignment of their nominal value, so coins do not need a certificate of authenticity while for bullion a certificate is a prerequisite. The certificate is located inside the original packaging (for bars weighing up to 100 grams) or is issued separately upon purchase.

The issuer, assigning a coin a nominal value, guarantees the content and weight of gold in it. While for gold bars, in case of loss of certificate, the buyer has the right to demand an examination of the authenticity of the bar. Therefore, if the certificate is not in the package, care must be taken to preserve it.

Purchase Price And Spread

The most common weight of investment coins is 1 ounce, for bullion - 1 ounce, 50, and 100 grams. Under normal market conditions (when there is no supply/demand shock), the price per gram of bullion is cheaper than the price of a gram of gold in a coin with the same weight, which is explained by lower production costs (coin production is a more labor-intensive and difficult process).

Therefore, under normal conditions, it is more profitable to acquire bullion. However, when evaluating a price offer, it is worth paying attention to the purchase of price and spread. The purchase price of gold coins is traditionally higher than the purchase price of bars of identical weight, but the spread of coins and bars is practically the same.

In the case of coins (if world practice continues to be the same as it has been for many years), you will have the opportunity to sell gold at a price higher than the exchange price. Some coins may develop numismatic value over time, which later justifies the initially more expensive price for a particular coin. The prices of some coins produced in large runs as minting bullion practically do not differ from the price of bars at the time of purchase.

Bars are usually sold at a better price than coins. Provided that the same amounts are invested in coins and bullion, the amount of physical gold on hand will be greater in the case of buying bullion.

A gold bar and Euro coins.


Liquidity and Global Recognition

Not all gold whose sample exceeds 900 can be considered investment gold. There are not many factories in the world that produce internationally recognized coins and ingots. To become an internationally recognized investment gold producer, you must be a member of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). LBMA sets the quality standards for bars and coins and accredits refineries that produce bars and coins from precious metals.

The Good Delivery List, published annually by the LBMA, is an important document to ensure that these refineries produce high-quality bullion and coins that meet international standards. You can easily check whether the manufacturer of the bullion or coin you plan to buy is on the Good Delivery List or not.

The liquidity of coins in some countries may be higher because any seller just checks the authenticity of the coin. Gold coins are a standardized product, so their authenticity is checked based on standard data and security elements, like, for example, a 100 dollar bill. Gold bars produced at the Swiss Valcambi and PAMP Suisse factories, of which Tavex is the official representative in Latvia, are of the highest quality and high liquidity worldwide.

It is important to remember that for bars weighing 250 grams or more, liquidity will be slightly lower due to the rather large amount of money that the buyer must pay at a time.

Accessibility for Investing Small Amounts

Both coins and bullion are readily available for small amounts of investment. If you plan to devote a small amount of income as an investment, it is more profitable to purchase gold coins. While investing in bullion should be considered if the amount of investment is higher.


Modern gold bars are traditionally produced with a purity of 99.99%, or 999.9. The sample of coins can be from 900 to 999.99. Investors make the biggest mistake, believing that those coins whose sample is higher are more valuable. This is not true, because when determining the price of a particular investment coin, the content in it is pure gold and not the weight of the coin.

Gold coins of investment gold can be the following samples 900, 917, 986, 999.9. Coins 900, 917, and 986 are most often sold without the original packaging. Modern gold bars are traditionally produced with 999.9 samples.


Coins can be packaged in capsules, plastic bags, or tubes. Which packaging the coin will be packaged in determines the quality of the coin. There are 3 types of coin quality: bullion, bullion-uncirculated, and proof.

Only bullion and bullion uncirculated quality coins can be considered truly investment gold. Coins made as proof are issued for collection purposes and the extra charge on them is unreasonably expensive to perceive this type of coin as an investment.

Rules That You Have To Follow No Matter What You Have Decided To Purchase

The first thing that you should understand is about your goal of investing yourself, lest you choose wrongly and not get the maximum profit in the future.

If your investment goals sit in a fairly long period, then it helps you to invest in gold bullion only. Because gold in this form will have a more stable selling value.

Also, look at the price of gold that applies in the market when you will invest in this precious metal. If prices are not stable and tend to fluctuate during the last few weeks, then you should postpone the intention to invest first.

Do not invest in gold when prices are soaring high, this will risk causing a loss in the future if at any time you intend to sell it back, especially if the price drops in the market.


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