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Gold is Allowed To Hit An All Time High - What Does This Mean For The Dollar?

Gold Dollar
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As Gold and Silver continue to rise, please keep in mind, it's not the ounces are going up, its that our currency is going down!

Here's a visual of the US Dollar, Euro-dollar, Japanese Yen, and Great British Pound priced in Gold. In chart form, you can clearly see, fiat money is collapsing.

Here is another visual that shows you who is buying our US Treasury debt...

The people are starting to see a correlation between money printing and dollar debasement simply because the Mainstream Media is educating them on the subject! Here is CNBC's latest series;

As you can see, when you watch the video, they are attempting to put this on the Trump Administration.

However, I believe with the Fed under US control, for the first time, Gold and Silver are being allowed to grow because it will soon become a part of our money again.

In which case your dollars will plummet in value and the days when Gold can rise $200 a day, without a pullback are near!

The questions are, "What Price will you pay for non-CUSIP gold and Silver when the masses are awakened?" and... "Will there be enough Gold and Silver to satisfy your order?"

Prepare for the Great Awakening... Contact us today 833-GSI-GOLD

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