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Here’s How Government Could Seize Your Gold and Silver Assets

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Governments across the globe abolished sound money long ago when they began issuing currency without the backing of any real tangible asset.

Promissory notes whose underlying basis is nothing more than a “promise.” A promise of what? The “full faith and credit of the United States government”? But how much “credit” does the US have, given its overburdened debt?

This leaves us with “faith.” But in light of the global movement toward “de-dollarization,” how much faith does the world really have in the US? Over the last few decades, how much faith have Americans had in their own government?

 Doesn’t it seem a bit ridiculous and circular to have faith in a currency whose only value is backed by none other than faith in that currency?

Wouldn’t that be like government telling you that “the value of our money is your belief in our money”?

Ultimately, government’s goal is unrestrained governance.

It is through non-backed fiat currency that government can give itself the free reign to issue money that only they can manipulate, monitor, tax, and control. And by controlling all aspects of monetary existence, government gives itself the necessary leverage to exercise control over its citizenry.

We can say that government’s first war on cash had already been won when the gold standard--the only system that restrained government from freely manipulating the dollar’s value--had been permanently abolished.

While government’s second war on cash--the elimination of physical cash altogether--is well underway, government (via the banking system) has begun extending its control over physical gold and silver. It’s called CUSIP ( Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures)--a regulative arm of the American Bankers Association.

CUSIP is designed to abolish the transactional privacy and freedoms of Americans who own gold and silver.

  • “Where did you obtain that gold?”
  • “Is it authorized?”
  • “How did you obtain it?”
  • “Is it in our records?”

These questions take place along the fine line that separates you from becoming an interrogator’s subject. (reminiscent of the cliched scenarios we see in films portraying a fascist state: “papers please...where are your papers...why aren’t your papers in order?).

Beyond that line are the following questions:

“Why do you have it?”

“Why isn’t it in our records?”

“Why are you not in compliance with our regulations?”

Is this still your money? In this scenario, what rights to privacy do you still have with regard to ownership? This is what happens when you purchase CUSIP-registered metals. Your metals are electronically monitorable. Government will know how much you have, where to find it, etc.

Your gold and silver is subject to government seizure and/or taxation should a crisis in the banking system take place. You have agreed to the “protections” and “efficiencies” of a regulated system, and it comes with a price: your gold and silver are no longer entirely yours. Your privacy, gone. Your asset’s safe haven status, also gone.

The only power you have left is your receipt of purchase.

 You have been duped into a passive relationship with a government that grants you the space to hold assets minus the full rights of ownership.

In the blink of an eye, your electronically-registered assets can be transferred, made to disappear, or just made inaccessible (during an infrastructure collapse). If government can easily take money, print money, and manipulate money, imagine how much more control they have over assets that are electronically accessible!

Once gold and silver are under the control of the bankers and oligarchs, they can pass any legislation that gives them the means to govern without restraint!

 Once all gold and silver are electronically registered:

  • Everything will be monitored
  • Everything that is monitored can be taxed or seized
  • You cannot hide any assets from unfair taxing practices or seizures

Imagine your entire account falling to “zero” due to human error or a glitch in the software. Your hard-earned assets are now vulnerable to such catastrophes.

This is the death of American freedom.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Be sure that when you buy precious metals, you buy to own it as a private asset; as a means to exercise your freedom and right to a genuine safe haven.


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