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How To Preserve and Grow Your Self Directed IRA

Gold Assets
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Is it possible to grow your portfolio and preserve the value of your assets at the same time?

For most retirees, this would seem like an ideal solution. But many traditional investment firms consider this an impossible goal. Take, for instance, Fisher Investments:

“Capital preservation and growth as a singular goal may sound terrific, but these are two conflicting goals inherently at odds. They both cannot be pursued at the same time—anyone telling you otherwise should be questioned.”

To be fair, this statement coming from Fisher Investments is both 100% honest and true. But that’s because, in their investment world, they specialize in almost every asset except for gold--the one asset in this case that truly matters. Their focus is on stocks and bonds which makes up the main thrust of their financial expertise.

But with every expertise-driven insight comes an inherent blindness. And although investors may benefit from insight, the blindness can have severely limiting consequences. And this is what we are pointing out.

Capital preservation without gold is difficult simply because most other assets--cash, stocks, bonds--are only priced in dollars and thus vulnerable to the erosive effects of inflation, none of these assets can be considered a form of currency.

Growth may be achievable through stocks but not through cash and bonds. Cash doesn’t move in value relative to itself. Bonds provide interest income, but the value of the payments, many of them with a fixed yield, don’t necessarily adjust for inflation.

So you can understand why Fisher Investments--in light of the financial products they do a do not offer--would consider both goals to be at odds.

But with gold, you can achieve both capital preservation, because gold is the ultimate inflation hedge, and portfolio growth, as gold has risen on average by 10% a year, which in itself outpaces the average 3% yearly rise of inflation.

Here’s the moral of the story: every investment firm bases its own perception of reality on the strength and weaknesses of their own products.

So, if you do not like the world of investments that they are offering you, or if you find that it limits you from achieving your financial goals, then you can always change your world of investment possibilities to one that is more suitable for your financial needs and goals.

And this world of expanded possibilities--one that includes not only traditional assets but also gold, silver, annuities, and digital currencies--is the world that we are offering to you.

In other words, don’t limit yourself to the shortcomings of other investment firms. You can do much better, and we can help you get there.

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