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The Privilege of Owning Gold and Silver

Gold Silver
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Gold and Silver Resets All Forms of Wealth Over Time - Always Had, Always Will

As a prudent owner of gold and silver, you are part of a privileged group of investors who have chosen assets that have always--and will always--retain their intrinsic value.

You are cognizant of the often-ignored principle that “price” cannot be equated with “value”; and that fiat money, an object of banking and government manipulation, may change the price of gold and silver, but the latter’s true value will always remain unchanged.

History makes this evident: gold and silver have both witnessed and withstood virtually every political and economic catastrophe to have befallen mankind; catastrophes that often marked the end of nations, empires, and eras.

Time and again, the end of every epic disaster has been met by gold and silver’s reckoning--a revaluation of every form of wealth left standing. And this is why humankind has always fallen back to gold and silver as safe havens: both have proven throughout history that their intrinsic value cannot be lost; that in the end, intrinsic value will always stand above the illusion of price.

Scarcity: a Critical Characteristic of Money

Aside from its aesthetic appeal and industrial uses, gold and silver are rare: they cannot easily be mined, and they can never be artificially created or manipulated. Scarcity gives you a genuine privilege over those that hold manipulable currency.

How rare is both gold and silver as compared with other assets? Take a look at the following figures.

How Much Money Is In the World?

Silver:                                     $17 Billion (at $17/oz)

Gold:                                      $7.7 Trillion (at $1,275/oz)

Global Stock Markets:            $73 Trillion

Global Money Supply:            $90.4 Trillion (only 8% of which is physical)

Global Debt:                            $215 Trillion (325% of Global GDP)

Global Real Estate:                 $217 Trillion

Global Derivatives:                 $544 Trillion (leveraged financial instruments)

Real Value of Derivatives:      $1.2 Quadrillion (nobody knows the real exact figure)

Here’s another way of looking at this:

This difference between gold, silver, and other assets is this:

  • Gold and silver are physical assets; most others (except real estate) are not.
  • Gold and silver are the only non-promissory assets that can stand alone as a medium of exchange.
  • Among physical assets with intrinsic value, gold, and silver the only ones that are storable and transportable; unlike real estate.
  • Unlike almost all other monies, gold and silver are the most scarce.
  • Gold and silver are the only “natural” forms of money--i.e., not man-made.

Assets that can easily be created, manipulated, or inflated--assets that were once a substitute but now a mere shadow or echo of money; they suffuse the monetary system with an artificiality that “real money” (in principle) either cannot recognize or refuses to accept!

Not everyone gets this. Not everyone cares to put the time and work into understanding what “money” really is. As a gold and silver owner, you are not like everyone else.

 You have forged your own path toward a sound economic reality. And that your advantage; your privilege.


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