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Seizure Season: How The Fed Plans To Snatch Your Money in 2023

John Galt

Updated: January 12, 2023

Fed seizures
Editor’s Note:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video you’re about to watch warns of an event the presenters call “The Great Unraveling.” The “unraveling” they speak of relates not so much to the financial system but to the economic prospects of everyday Americans. A key part of this movement is the seizure of funds by the Federal Reserve and, ultimately, the US government. This may sound implausible to many people, but if you think about it, “seizure” doesn’t always take the form of outright coercion. Think of inflation—a “hidden” form of taxation and hence a form of “seizure,” And what about the national debt which is essentially a “claim” on your future income; again, a form of hidden seizure. Still, what we’re about to face may be much more nefarious and much more direct than these “soft seizures” we’ve had to deal with in years past. The seizure of American wealth will likely be much more severe as it will also be fully justifiable on “legal” grounds. And despite your concerns and protests, you may even be unwittingly “complicit” in its designs. How’s it going to happen, exactly, and what can you do to prevent your wealth from going into the government’s pockets? Watch the video to learn how this gloomy outlook might play out.


Source: YouTube

Originally published at LewRockwell

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