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Total Government Control Of Your Precious Metals

Government Spending
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If You Own or Are Considering Purchasing Precious Metals Please read carefully...

As of September 26, 2016, CUSIP Global Services (CGS), for the first time in history, has begun tracking an initial 93 precious metal products that are in depository storage in the United States. This is another step toward "Total Government Control" of your money and investments, as gold and silver have traditionally been considered to be private assets that are outside of the mainstream investment channels.

What is a CUSIP identifier?

A CUSIP is a detailed 45 year old system that uniquely identifies a particular financial instrument.


7M5334AA0 Gold Coin British Sovereign 0.2354 OUNCE

The first six digits identify the issuer, the next two the issue, and the last one is a check digit to validate the information. CUSIP's are global identifiers that can be consistently recognized in capital markets throughout the world. Their system currently covers over nine million global financial instruments!

The absence of CUSIP identifier numbers for physical-precious metals investment products was one of the mechanical aspects that kept them safe during the turmoil in the financial markets.

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With the European banking sector, led by Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, in collapse mode, entering a new era of digitized physical gold that is being held in depositories on the behalf of American IRA's is risky. The mass exodus from the US banking system into precious metals and the international acceptance of the Chinese Yuan could be to blame. Central planners don't want you to withdraw assets from the bank. This is because as long as your assets stay with the bank, it helps to prop up the unsound global fractional reserve banking system.

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If you ask me, the digitizing of metals traditionally known as private, is an insane act of desperation by the central planners.

The solutions to protect yourself are surprisingly simple:

  • Convert your wealth into forms of gold and silver that are hardest for rapacious governments to regulate.
  • If you are a Precious Metals IRA holder, contact us for a full list of compliant depositories with CGS.
  • If you are privately holding precious metals, have our representative send you a complete list of assets that currently have CUSIP Identifier numbers. The targeted products will shock you.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you protect your investments from a desperate US government.

We can be reached by phone today at (800) 474-9159.

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