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This Trend Is About to Break... It's Time to Make Money

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At this moment, professional gold and silver investors are positioning themselves to exploit a rare opportunity.

The payoff may be weeks or months away, but the evidence that there will be a payoff is certain.

What's taking shape right now is what every sophisticated gold and silver investor has been waiting for.

A significant trend is about to turn.

Professional investors know that when gold outpaces silver, typically the prices for both metals are falling, yet investors are flocking to gold for safety.

They also know that when silver outpaces gold, the prices for both metals tend to rise.

The trick is knowing when to buy and knowing how much to buy.

And that is why professional investors follow the gold-to-silver ratio.

Right now, the gold to silver ratio is at 80-to-1--a historic high.

The average gold to silver ratio throughout the 20th century is 47-to-1.

This makes a lot more sense when you see how this plays out historically:

Source: Valuewalk

Take a look at the chart above. It illustrates the silver to gold ratio over the last decade. Note what happens at the extremes.

  • 2011: Silver topped at $50 per ounce at the exact ratio low of 31-to-1.
  • 2015: Both gold and silver bottom ($1,045 and $13.65 respectively) as ratio peaks at 80-to-1.
  • 2016: Gold and silver ($1,378 and $21.25) top as ratio declines to 64-to-1.

Right now, the gold to silver ratio is at 80-to-1.

This trend is about to break. And as history has shown, this the most opportune time to make money in gold and silver.

If you have a retirement account and are looking for an opportunity to boost its value, please contact us. We don't want you to miss this opportunity.

This may be the most important decision you ever make to boost and safeguard your wealth.

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