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Americans No Longer Trusting In The Political System

Americans Political System
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EDITOR NOTE: There was a time in world history when people’s beliefs were controlled by blind faith, authority, and symbolism (today, that would be equivalent to “memes”). It was a time when “desire” was easily channeled over “reason.” It’s called the medieval period (the dark ages). A large segment of Americans no longer believe in the current US system. There’s something valid to be said about that, except for the possibility that most of these Americans can’t give you a valid reason beyond hearsay. In short, even if they’re approaching the truth--blaming the “globalists” and “elitists”--most can’t recognize the mechanisms that substantiate their truths (even if the truth is right under their noses). This doesn’t make their frustrations or motivations less valid, but it makes their reasoning much more suspect and questionable. In short, contrary to their intentions, their “thinking” (or lack thereof) is part of what’s making American “fade” again into darkness.

A volatile President Trump era and fallout from the recent presidential election has pushed Americans toward disillusionment with the U.S. political system, according to political scientist Ian Bremmer.

“When I think about the future of my country and what that country means, the average American no longer believes that the institutions actually work for them,” Bremmer, a geopolitical experts and founder of the Eurasia Group, said in an interview on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “So you get massive anti-establishment sentiment. … You get people that increasingly believe that their own institutions don't work.”

While faith in certain aspects of America — including the the U.S. dollar and American higher education institutions — remains relatively high, he added, “nobody looks at the U.S. and says: ‘I want my political system to look like that.’”

Bremmer recalled moments of great pride and patriotism when the Berlin Wall dividing communist East Germany and West Germany fell in 1989, or when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, believing that they happened because “our ideas were better.”

Today’s the challenges are so deep and so structural, Bremmer added, that “Biden becoming president doesn't suddenly fix any of that, even if his inclination is to be much more of a unifying force.”

Faith in government ‘eroding for many decades’

American’s trust in the federal government in handling major problems has fallen nearly to all-time lows, according to Gallup.

Based on an annual poll conducted between August 31 and September 31, 2020, Gallup found that about 48% of Americans say they have a “great deal” or a “fair amount” of confidence in the government to handle international problems and 41% on its ability to handle domestic problems.

According to a separate report by Pew Research, after the elections on November 3, the majority of voters said they continued to feel “fearful” and “angry” about the state of the country.

The polarization of America is one of the factors driving resentment on all sides. Aside from an uncontrolled outbreak of the coronavirus, politicians in D.C. have yet to pass a second stimulus package despite the U.S. economy continuing to shed jobs as companies cut back and shutter.

“In all these ways, the coronavirus has further undermined American public confidence in the presidency, in Congress, in institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in local governments, in the news media, and even in the nation’s justice system,” Bremmer elaborated in a separate speech. “Faith in the integrity of these institutions has been eroding for many decades.”

Originally posted on Yahoo! Finance

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