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April Is Second Month Of Continued Sales Of US Bonds

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EDITOR NOTE: US Treasury securities are quickly becoming an “unpalatable” asset worldwide. With yields no longer attractive, with underlying fundamentals no longer “safe,” US debt is something to be purged, not “treasured.” Yet US Treasuries are expanding, so there must be a market out there for them (so the logic goes). Well, here’s a breakdown as to who’s gorging on them.

BOSTON, June 15 (Reuters) - Foreign investors continued selling U.S. Treasury bonds and notes in the month of April, according to Treasury department data as of Monday, but at a slower rate than in the record-setting pace of March.

On a transaction basis, foreigners sold $176.703 billion in Treasuries in April, compared with sales of $298.910 billion in March, the U.S. Treasury Department said.

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