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Deutsche Bank Outlines New Payment System Going Around the US Dollar in 2021

Payment System
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EDITOR NOTE: If you read the technical details on page 15, you’ll see that Europe has set forth plans to introduce alternatives to the SWIFT payment system. These alternatives will launch in 2021. SWIFT is a network that allows financial institutions to send payments across the globe. That’s its “monetary” function. SWIFT’s “geopolitical” function is that it ensures global dollar dominance. Get rid of SWIFT, and you take down the dollar. Do you see what’s happening? Perhaps that’s why many central banks around the world are loading up on their gold reserves. If you’re an American who relies solely on dollars, perhaps you should do the same before dollar dominance comes tumbling down.

Deutsche Bank Outlines New Payment System Going Around the US Dollar by Anthony Allen Anderson on Scribd


Originally posted on Deutsche Bank




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