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Gold and Silver Market Weekly Wrap-Up - Week Ending July 17th 2020

Gold Silver Market
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Here is a quick snapshot of Gold's Performance so far, "Year Over Year."

Here is a quick snapshot of Silver's Performance so far, "Year Over Year."

I recorded a video for you to understand the opportunity cost in metals over the last 365 days! Please watch and understand that gold is outperforming in all sectors...


Here is our chart of the week.

Chart note: “I think we’ve got a second leg down,” says economist A. Gary Schilling in a recent MarketWatch article “and that’s very much reminiscent of what happened in the 1930s where people appreciate the depth of this recession and the disruption and how long it’s going to take to recover. … Stocks are [behaving] very much like that rebound in 1929 where there is absolute conviction that the virus will be under control and that massive monetary and fiscal stimuli will reinvigorate the economy.”

Additionally, here is my 2020 Quarterly progress report for the precious metals market; 

  • Silver rose 30.28%
  • Gold rose 11.84%
  • The S&P 500 rallied 26.12%
  • The Dollar Index declined to -2.60%
  • 30-Year Treasuries was down -1.66%

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