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GSI Exchange Announces Limited Availability on First Strike PCGS Graded Gold Bull Coins

GSI Exchange 1/4 Ounce-Gold Bull Coins
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The Gold Bulls have arrived and we are celebrating by getting our clients in a great position to acquire the coveted, First Strike label, via PCGS for the first round of buyers! Coins are scheduled to be slabbed and released Nov. 4th, 2019! 

As reported by Business Insider:

"GSI Exchange, a top-rated coin, bullion, and precious metals dealer based in Calabasas, California, in coordination with the Royal Canadian Mint, recently announced a limited release sale of the highly anticipated 2020 $10 1/4 oz Gold Bull Coin. The obverse of the coin depicts the powerful and inspiring Aquitaine Bull, aptly described as the "Gold Bull," designed by famous Canadian artist Steve Hepburn.

Gold Canadian 1/4 Ounce Bull

The coin contains 1/4 oz. of .9999 fine gold and bears a 10 Dollars (CAN) face value.

The coin contains 1/4 oz. of .9999 fine gold and bears a 10 Dollars (CAN) face value.

There is a great deal of investor and collector interest in the first run of the 2020 Gold and Silver Bull Coin! GSI Exchange has the unique opportunity to offer first right of refusal on the coins to its customers and clients.

"We believe this IRA-eligible issue represents a unique opportunity in today's investment-grade bullion market," explains Anthony Allen Anderson, Senior Partner at GSI Exchange. He continues, "with U.S. political uncertainty at its highest level in decades and impeachment fears mounting, a trade war that shows few signs of abating and continued saber-rattling in the Middle East, gold bullion which has historical, artistic, and tangible value, remains the best hedge against volatile stock markets and political uncertainty. It is time to ride the Gold Bull."

The Royal Canadian Mint describes the coin as follows; "With a stance as commanding as the bronze bull of Manhattan's Wall Street District, this Aquitaine Bull brings its own breed of economic optimism and strength to this bullion coin. The characteristic upswing of a charging bull's horns symbolizes the rising stock prices of a "bullish" growth investment market. The bull is in direct contrast to the downward slash of a bear's paw during a "bear market" where decreasing stock values warrant caution until the trend reverses."

"The Aquitaine Bull has been valued by farmers as long ago as the Middle Ages in the French Aquitaine District. U.S. and Canadian ranchers began discovering the breed in the early 1970s, and quickly embraced its easygoing and hardy nature, and its ability to forage on rocky or sparse terrain. The Blonde Aquitaine Bull is a moderate-sized breed that delivers excellent returns due to its high growth rate, lean muscling, and calving success. It's an enduring and dependable breed that promises to build a momentum of optimism and confidence well into the 21st century!"

In 2016, for the first time in its history, the Royal Canadian Mint instituted a unique Bullion DNA process to protect buyers and sellers of Gold and Silver bullion from coin counterfeiting. The Bullion DNA device works by reading a micro-engraved security mark appearing on the reverse of the coin. The mark, consisting of a textured maple leaf and the last two numerals of the coin's production year, visible only under magnification, is laser-engraved on the dies, which are used to strike these coins. Each die is registered in a secure database after a microscopic view of the mark is captured and converted into a complex, encrypted digital code using the Mint's digital non-destructive activation (DNA) technology. When a genuine coin is placed in the Bullion DNA device, it can read the security mark like a fingerprint and match it to a registered Royal Canadian Mint die.

The expected low-mintage, unique anti-counterfeit protection, and high collector and investor interest in these coins can contribute to price appreciation significantly greater than the intrinsic value of the metal.

"The Blonde Aquitaine Bull or 'Gold Bull' is already one of our most talked-about coins, and supplies are extremely limited," says Anderson, "we are fortunate to be the first retailer to offer these coins to our clients at prices too low to publish, but only while they last.""

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