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On October 18th, An Event of Unprecedented Magnitude May Destroy Your Wealth Forever

Case For Deflation
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Even with all the power and resources at President Trump's disposal, the chances are that he will not be able to prevent what is about to happen.

On October 12-18th, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) will be implementing new financial laws that just may sound the death knell for the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency.

The new laws will bring forth a newly developed ledger technology system that will circumvent the current traditional financial system. It also renders the United States powerless to resist it.

You have only a small window of opportunity to save your retirement!

Recently Bloomberg reported that The London Bullion Market Association, which oversees the world's biggest spot gold market, will seek proposals including the use of blockchain for tracing the origins of metal.

Partly to help prevent money laundering, terrorism funding, and conflict minerals.

But more so to prevent you from controlling your wealth!

If you happen to be age 60 or older...the next weeks may define your financial fate, possibly for the rest of your life.

If you fail to act, you may NEVER comfortably retire.

If this claim sounds unthinkable, perhaps even unbelievable... just remember that Americans have always considered major market crashes to be unbelievable...until reality sets in, and they're left with absolutely nothing, besides regret.

It would be best if you were not so financially disempowered as to live the rest of your life regretting something that is beyond even our government's control.

So we are warning you to take action now.

In 2007, we saw the coming financial crisis. Contrary to most financial pundits and experts, it wasn't a hidden risk. The housing bubble had been building for years! Most people just didn't see it.

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Most American investors--and virtually 99% of all baby boomers with retirement accounts--LOST VIRTUALLY ALL of their hard-earned money the following year.

Those who follow the strategy that we have been advising our clients for years not only saved their wealth, many made a fortune.

Imagine how secure you would be doing right now if you had your retirement money "in-hand" at your disposal in physical gold that you purchased at $300 per ounce.

I hope you realize that such freedom is within your reach.

And that's what we're warning you right now... the US Dollar is about to undergo an unprecedented reversal of fortune on the world's stage.

Here's your opportunity to free yourself from the losses that you might have experienced in 2008!

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Case in point: Donald Trump's presidential victory. For most Americans and "experts," it was unthinkable.

We knew that people were looking in the wrong direction, namely, the polls.

Nobody took into account the silent majority of Americans; nobody took into account the "change candidate factor" that consistently favors the change candidate. Clinton was far from anything that would be called an agent of change.

Most experts were almost 100% certain that Hillary would win.

Confident, that is, up until the night of the election.

Why are we telling you this? We're trying to drive home the point that such "predictions" are NOT predictions at all!

It's a matter of:

Looking at the evidence at hand...

Weighing the probabilities, and…

Taking action to exploit the situation--abolishing your downside risk and stacking upside potential for unlimited gains!

And on October12th-18th, an event of UNPRECEDENTED MAGNITUDE is about to take place.

And right now, what happens to your financial future is entirely up to you.

This event may bring you a secure and prosperous retirement…

Or it can plunge you into the abyss of bitter poverty and regret…

A future where you may no longer have the means to pay your bills, pay for food, pay for medical care.

At this very moment, you are standing at the fork (cryptocurrency pun intended) of two "possible worlds."

Our prediction is NOT a matter of speculation... it's based on VERIFIABLE FACT!

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De-Dollarization and several other MAJOR changes and implementations have been building up over the last decade. It's about to reach its breaking point.

The Distributed Ledger Technology is nothing short of a new global banking system.

It's going to wipe the slate clean of the traditional global financial system.

As Al Gore and the UN have been calling it, "The Great Reset!" 

A "Reset" that Trump hinted at in 2017;

It will affect the money in your checking and savings accounts. It will affect anyone who has an IRA or 401(k). But its impact on seniors who are preparing for retirement will be particularly severe.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that Trump can do to prevent this from happening. It's just too big.

The plans set forth by the global elites have already been set in motion. It starts on OCTOBER 12TH!

Once it rolls out, the IMF will introduce a new financial system, replacing the US Dollar with a new global currency. You will not be able to transact in this currency, as it is strictly off-limits to regular people.

When this happens, demand for US Treasury bonds will fall; and with that, so too will the government's source of funding.

This is why President Trump has taken over the Fed and started absorbing Treasuries from Central Banks worldwide!

However, programs like welfare, Social Security, and Medicare may be severely impacted. If you depend on any of these programs... you're out of luck.

If you play the right moves, you can secure your nest egg in your hands and not the banking elite's hands.

If you want to save your retirement and if you are willing to take the proactive step toward preparing yourself for this opportunity, then Request Our Bank Failure Survival Guide Now by clicking here!

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