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PNC Bank Amendment Waiver Proves How Banks Can "Legally" Defraud Their Own Customers

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EDITOR NOTE: When a bank reserves the right to amend the terms of its own customer agreement, and when it buries this amendment deep within the agreement itself (as if it were hiding it), then you know you’re deliberately placed in a position of disadvantage, if not being set up to be duped. We’re referring specifically to PNC’s Customer Agreement page 11, under Amendment, Waiver. For PNC customers, the Bank reserves the right to change the terms of the agreement at any time. It can “convert your Account from one product to another”; It has the right to change the amount of charges, fees, and interest debited from or paid to the customer. And it reserves the right to “waive the enforcement” of these terms and conditions. Do you think PNC will amend these conditions to customers' advantage or benefit its own coffers? When it informs customers of these changes, will it “hide” the notice in the same way it's hiding these amendment clauses? This statement demonstrates how banks victimize their clients. This statement exemplifies deceptive corruption at its finest. This brazen language, inconspicuously hidden deep within a “disclosure,” is proof of PNC’s attempt to legalize any forthcoming attempts to defraud its own customers potentially. Bear in mind, PNC recently announced a merger with BBVD Bank making it the 5th largest bank in the U.S. with assets exceeding 458B! Read the attached, newly-updated account agreement's page 11, and tell us if you feel comfortable with the direction our banking system is headed. If you happen to have a PNC or BBVD bank account, you forcefully agreed to these terms and conditions by merely keeping your account open beyond December! This is yet another warning for you to buy non-CUSIP gold and silver now before it's too late. 

PNC Account Agreement for Personal Accounts by Anthony Allen Anderson on Scribd

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