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Reserve Holds Almost 50% Of Outstanding Treasury Debt : GDP Down To -46.6%

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EDITOR NOTE: A few interesting points and positions from website Confounded Interest. If you’re not familiar with this site, it takes a fragmentary approach that aims to compel readers to think about the positions presented rather than to just be passively informed by them. In this installment, the blog tackles data on the Fed’s Treasury holdings, GDP expectations, and the question regarding health vs economy.

It is stunning that The Federal Reserve now holds almost 50% of the US Treasury debt outstanding. At the same time, Japan and China are reducing their holdings.

Meanwhile, the government-shutdown of the economy has caused a recession. The Atlanta Fed GDPNow forecast of Q2 GDP is a whopping -46.631%.

Yes, “the shutdown governors” of NY (Cuomo), NJ (Murphy) and VA (Northam) have forgotten about the middle class as FDR forgot about them in the Great Depression.

Originally posted on Confounded Interest

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