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US Finances Rapidly Deteriorating - Should We Expect Record Printing?

Economic Foundation
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EDITOR NOTE: The following Twitter image tells the story of America’s financial predicament more clearly than any long-winded article can. Static income (receipts) and soaring expenses (outlays). No responsible person would subject their own households to this, yet the government reserves the sole right--via debt issuance and a complicit central bank--to print money. Though by no means a “criminal” act, the effect is not unlike “counterfeit” cash: the notion of money is rendered artificial, and (artificial) money is debased through inflation. This trend is entirely unsustainable, but for now, there are no signs of it stopping any time soon. Its erosive effects will rob us of our future wealth--and for some, it’ll be much worse than for others. Bottom line: it’s time to own non-CUSIP physical gold and silver. It’s the only way we can prevent the government from siphoning the value from our income and assets and robbing us of our prospects for future wealth.

Originally posted by @FGMR via Twitter

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