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Video Clip: Gold Expectations For 2021

Gold Expectations
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EDITOR NOTE: According to the Fox Business News video below, comprehensive precious metals “exposure” seems to be the main play for 2021. Despite the second Covid stimulus package and progress on the vaccine front--both reasons for a brighter market outlook next year--gold is still getting bid up, likely in response to longer-term dollar and inflation forecasts, both threatening to dampen the overall economic recovery. Sprott Management’s Ed Coyne looks not only to gold and silver, but particularly the “junior” miners that may outperform their more senior counterparts. In short, we’re looking at a coordinated metals and metals industry equities play, a strategy that provides comprehensive exposure not only to precious and base metals price advances but also growth in the companies that produce them. 

Sprott Asset Management senior managing director Ed Coyne discusses investing in gold, silver and today’s markets.

Originally posted on Fox Business

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