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Video: Regardless Of Election, Deutsche Bank Remains Negative On Dollar

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EDITOR NOTE: Many Americans feel they have a lot at stake in the coming presidential election with regard to their economic prospects. The weird thing is that most Americans holding vehement opinions on the matter have no sizable positions in the stock market (only a small percentage of Americans hold sizable equities investments). So, go figure. What opinion might a non-US investor have on the matter? In the video below, Deutsche Bank expresses a clear view that somehow hasn’t found its way to the mainstream public: that regardless of who wins this week--Biden or Trump--the dollar is still going to sink. And with that comes plenty of opportunity, particularly for gold and silver investors. A great reset--and an equally great portfolio rebalancing opportunity--is on its way.

A Biden win and Democratic sweep of Congress in particular would see a lot of U.S. dollar weakness come through versus the emerging market currencies, says Sameer Goel of Deutsche Bank.

Originally posted on CNBC

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